Philips China Investment Co. Ltd.
  • 公司性质:其他
  • 公司规模:少于50人
  • 公司地址:广州市-广东省

Channel Sales

职位编号: 1573447 招聘日期: 2018-01-19 ~ 2018-04-19 招聘部门: 不限
工资待遇: 面议 工作地点: 湖南 招聘岗位: 总工程师
招聘人数: 1人 学历: 大专 工作年限: 2年以上
性别要求: 年龄要求: 22岁到30岁 所在地区: 不限
职位描述: Position II: Channel Sales – Lighting (Chang Sha)

1. Roles and Responsibilities

· Responsible for TR channel and key dealer development and management.
· To set up TR dealer’s database and channel sales development.
· To build up external sales team in TR channel with BP dealer and sales team management.
· To assist and cooperate to hold seminars towards TR dealers.
· TR dealer development and management in Hunan Province.

2. Qualifications

· Junior college degree or above.
· At least 3 years of working experience as sales and related trade background is preferred.
· Negotiation skill.
· Communication skill.
· Basic skills in computer operation & English is needed.
· Proactive/open-minded/team player.


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